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We just love waffles

Our Waffles stem from an age old recipe from my grandmother who would always enchant the farmhouse whenever she made these for our family and friends.  Following on her culinary footsteps, we ventured on to introduce the genuine Original Belgian Waffle to the North American market.  San Diego became our home-base with the launch of a food trucking business in 2015.

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It's what's on the inside that counts

Our waffles are made from ingredients flown in from the fields of Brussels.  These waffles are the real deal!  Baked fresh when you order, these buttery confections come out warm and toasty.  The fun does not end with the perfect crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside waffle. Our waffles are packed with decadent toppings, smothered in everything from local fresh fruit, Organic whipped cream and ice-cream, and authentic homemade Belgian sauces.  If this makes you salivate, be sure to make "Belgium Waffles" your next destination when your stomach starts rumbling.

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